Why pickleball paddle cleaner?

10 Rules of Pickleball: How to Play the ... Maintain consistent paddle performance
  • A clean paddle surface ensures better ball contact, allowing for more consistent shots, precision and improved gameplay. Dirt and residue buildup can affect the paddle's grip and responsiveness over time, so keeping it clean will act to help reset the paddle to like new and can enhance your performance on the court. Hey, every little bit helps when you’re out on the court.
Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle ... Extend the life of your paddle
  • Cleaning your pickleball paddle helps remove dirt, sweat, and ball debris that accumulate over time and increase wear and tear on your paddle. Regular cleaning can extend the lifespan of your paddle, keeping it in optimal condition for longer and maximizing your investment. Our cleaner is safe for ALL types of pickleball paddle materials -- including carbon fiber, kevlar, graphite and fiberglass.
Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle ... Keep your paddle looking good
  • Using our paddle cleaner helps maintain the look of your paddle by removing dirt, stains, marks, and discoloration. A clean paddle not only looks and plays good, but also reflects a sense of pride.
Primary Safer Choice label Be environmentally and socially responsible
  • Our paddle cleaner has earned the US EPA Safer Choice label, specially formulated with eco-friendly and safer ingredients for you and the planet so don't stress using it on the court. Choosing environmentally friendly cleaning options reduces your ecological footprint and supports sustainable business practices.
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  • Our cleaner was specially designed and formulated in the USA using green chemistry practices, and is manufactured in California.