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Bear Naked Pickleball

P40 Pickleballs

P40 Pickleballs

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P40 Pickleballs with our logo will help you elevate your game and dominate the court in style with a fun, unique design that makes it quick and easy to identify your ball. 

Engineered for consistency and durability, these balls deliver optimal bounce and performance with every serve and rally. Designed with industry and standard regulations in mind, our standard P40 ball is the perfect way to stand out on the court and ensure that you protect your investment in all those pickleballs. No more trying to figure out after the game which ball belongs to who or leaving balls behind to be nice -- as you will spot yours right away! 

Also available special order with your custom branding, for info email

With our Bear Naked Pickleball P40 pickleballs you can have fun and focus on your game, not keeping up with your gear.

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